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Fire Alarm Control Panel 05 zone (Class2) 24 VDC, Model: 2PD1-5L
Control Panel 10 zones (Class2) 24 VDC, Model: 2PD1-10L
Fire Alarm Control Panel 05 - 20 zones (Class1) 24 VDC, Model: 1PN1-nLA
Nittan Fire Alarm Control Panel 05-60 zones (Class1) 24 VDC, Model: 1PM2-nLA
Photoelectric Smoke Detector, 24VDC, Model: 2KH2-LS
Rate of Rise Heat Detector, Model: 2SC-LS
Fixed Heat Detector, 1 st class 70oC, Model: 1CC-70-L
Beam Type Smoke Detector, 24 VDC, Model: CKLD-KPT
Flame Detector ( UV), 24VDC, Model: NFD-68-P
Gas Detector , 24VD, Model: KP-35B, KN-35
Fire Alarm Bell, 6 inch, Model BD-6-24-11
Manual Alarm Station, Model: 2ME1
Indication Lamp, Model: PL-30R4
Control Panel 4 zone, 8 zone, Model: AH-00212
Fire Alarm Control Panel, 05 zone ~ 100 zone, Model: AHC-871
Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Model: AH-0311
Rate Of Rise Heat Detector, Model: AHR-871
Fire Alarm Bell 6, Model AH-0218
Manual Call Point, Model: AH-9717
Fire Alarm Control Panel, 2, 4, 8 zone, Model: HCV-2, HCV-4, HCV-8
Fire Alarm Control Panel 8 zone (expandable up to 64 zone), Model: HCP-1008E
Rate of Rise Heat Detector, Model: DSC-EA
Beam Type Smoke Detector, Model: SPC-24

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