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Multi-Function Care Call Sensor ( RCB-780E)


·    Breath call function

·    Voice call function

·    Touch call function

·    Light sensor call function


Shape: Fixed type with mounting clips

Material: Sensor head & Main body; ABS resin
Touch sensor; Stainless steel
Flexible arm; Nickel-plated steel
Cord; PVC

Color: Sensor area & Main body; Warm white (10YR8.5/0.5 approximate color)
Cord; White (N9.5 approximate color)

Weight: 650g

Call confirmation light: LED (Orange)

SENSITIVITY setting display light: LED (Orange)

TIME setting display light: LED (Orange)

Sensor selection display light: LED (Orange)

Power supply: AC adapter (100240VAC, cord length 1.8 m) included

Ambient temperature: 040

Ambient humidity: 2585%RH (No condensation)

Remarks:  Mat clip HCZ-780E (accessory) (Applicable thickness of a mattress, table and headboard etc.:
10 – 220 mm)
Attachment clip HCZ-781 (option) (Applicable thickness of a round bed support (tube) and infusion stand etc.: 15 – 40 mm
Cord length 2 m

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